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One Month of Healthy Meal Plans
One Month of Healthy Meal Plans
One Month of Healthy Meal Plans
One Month of Healthy Meal Plans
One Month of Healthy Meal Plans

One Month of Healthy Meal Plans

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One Month of Done-for You Meal Plans

  • Are you tired of staring blankly into the fridge and not knowing what to eat…
  • Are you frustrated because you WANT to meal plan, but aren’t sure how to make it actually happen…
  • Are you stressed because even if you figured it all out, who actually has the time?

Give yourself the gift of an  entire month of healthy meal plans …and no more blank staring, frustration, or stress!

❌ No more struggling over shopping lists!

❌ No more frantic 5:00 pm searches in the fridge for dinner ideas!

❌ No more printing a zillion recipes from multiple sites!

❌ No more searching online for recipes!

  This one-month meal plan does ALL of that for you

Simply print and sit back and relax, knowing you don’t have to stress over dinner (or breakfast, or lunch, or snacks) anymore!

You'll get a breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner recipe for every single day of the week for four complete weeks!

(Please read the frequently asked questions for more details)


    • 🍳 28 mouthwatering Breakfast Recipes
    • 🥪 19 delicious Lunch Recipes
    • 🥨 29 tempting Snack Recipes
    • 🍽️ 39 satisfying Dinner Recipes
    • 📚 A Printable PDF of all 120 recipes is included!
    • 🛒 A complete Shopping List for each week (5 in total)

    All you have to do is hit print, pick up your groceries, and get cooking! You're going to love it! 

    👇🏼 Plus, get a bonus menu that only uses 15 ingredients for an entire week! 👇🏼

        Frequently asked questions:

          Are these recipes THM-friendly? No, not all of these recipes are THM-friendly. These recipes use real food and natural ingredients.

          Are these recipes keto? No, these meal plans are not keto.

          Is this available as an actual book? Currently, this bundle of recipes is only available as a PDF download for your computer.

          However, you can take this PDF to an office store to have it printed and bound.

          Or, simply print it out and place in plastic sleeves in a binder (my favorite way to store printed recipes)!

          Are these recipes gluten-free? These recipes are 99% gluten-free

          Are these recipes sugar-free? These recipes are refined sugar-free. There is a small amount of honey used at times.

          Do I need special ingredients? No! These ingredients can be found at almost any grocery store! The one "special ingredient" used is tahini, which can easily be found at most any grocery store.

          When do I receive my ebook? Immediately after purchase, you will be directed to a page where you can download your ebook!


          Customer Reviews

          Based on 4 reviews


          Cindy Poeta-Goss
          Review of the 30 day plan

          I just have a difficult time with material on line. Prefer paper. Therefore I probably won’t use it.

          Hi Cindy, I like to print mine out and put them in plastic sleeves in a binder! ❤️

          Kathy Kaiser
          Just what I needed! 5 stars!

          I needed meal plans that were simple, easy to follow, and offered meals that my whole family would love. Sarah’s Healthy Meal Plans delivered that and more. I’m only on Week 1, but everything has tasted great and the meals are easy to prepare. With healthy ingredients that I normally have on hand, I know that I’m feeding my family nutritious food that they will actually eat and enjoy! Some meals are eaten again later in the week to reduce food waste and they have kept very well in the fridge. There are snacks each day in case they are needed, but even though I’ve looked forward to them, I’ve been so full that I haven’t been able to eat any of them! I’m so happy that I purchased Sarah’s meal plans and hope that there will be more of them in the future. I will be incorporating some of the recipes into my regular rotation!

          Kathy, I can't tell you how much it means to hear how you're using the meal plans! I'm so glad that My Montana Kitchen could take away a little of the stress of meal planning!

          Tracy Starbuck
          Meal Plan Review

          I love the meal plans and the website. No changes in my opinion.

          Yay! I am so glad to hear that you love the meal plans and recipes!